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Skincare favorites of 2014

Zee GustafsonComment

So I took some time during this holiday season to reflect on this year and wow has a lot happened! (To be posted on a different day) I also realized that I have gone through a hefty amount of products and I wanted to share my 2014 favorites for prepping your skin before makeup!

Josie Maran Argan Oil: I just cannot stop myself from constantly yammering about this product! It is just exquisite and has been taking care of my combination skin, especially now that it has been cold around Chicago. The worst is waking up when your skin feels tight and it hurts! I use this as my daily moisturizer and nighttime moisturizer as well. It has cleared up a lot of my congestion and softened fine lines. If I could drink it, I would!

Homeoplasmin: So this product came from Glamour Magazine in a post about 'What models use to achieve perfect skin' Ok, I'm guilty of clicking on the list because I shouldn't care, but I did end up ordering this product from France. I picked it up at my Mom's house when it finally arrived and she died laughing because the ingredients say 'Vaseline' She couldn't believe I would pay $40 to ship Vaseline over from France. Its not just Vaseline! Its a Matte Homeopathic ointment that, yes, mimics what Vaseline does along with SO MUCH MORE. You can use it for skin problems like dry lips to eczema to flaky zits and it soothes the skin while healing. I love it!

Nurturing Force Blot Out Offensive: This product works wonders on controlling overly oily skin and saved my butt this summer on more than a few shoots! (It also works great for brides or special events) A little of this matte cream goes a LONG way! Only apply to the areas on the face that get oily before makeup is applied. I have noticed most oil controlling products suck the moisture out of foundation and change how products look on the face so I usually prefer to apply oil control after my makeup applications but not this guy. It doesn't compromise the look/feel of your foundations so long as they are water, silicone or alcohol based products. 

MAC Cosmetics Charged Water Line: I stumbled across both the eye cream and the Face/Body lotion from this line and it has become a staple in my kit! Chicago in the fall/winter tends to dry out absolutely everyones skin and these two products plump instantly! The eye cream creates a perfect, supple surface to apply concealer over and the body lotion (can be used for face too but I only use for the body) instantly hydrates dry, flaky and cracking skin. These two have saved my life on numerous occasions!

MAC Fast Response Eye Cream: I utilize the product when a client has puffy under eyes and to diminish fine lines prior to a makeup application. This leaves the under eye with a silicone feel which proves perfect for placing products on top and has caffeine to help circulation which de-puffs. Two thumbs up!


Until next time!