Time for a product review!

So I purchased this a few months ago and had a lot of artists/clients alike wanting to know my thoughts on the product. I don't like to only use it once then review so I've been utilizing it on set as much as possible to get some mileage on this sucker. 

What is it? 

Blotterazzi is a blotting sponge from the creators of the 'Beauty Blender' which is a foundation applying/blending sponge. I prefer to use the Beauty Blender to remove excess makeup as opposed to applying it to clients, but to each their own! Now I am in such adoration of the Beauty Blender that when this blotting sponge came out, I had to have it. I must say, it lives up to its predecessor! I loved being able to wash and reuse the sponge and comparatively to using blotting papers. It also was less nasty than throwing out a tiny sheet of oily paper.


**WORD TO THE WISE** If you are purchasing this for personal use, WASH THIS DAILY. It is wonderful for storing in your purse as the compact comes with two sponges and has a handy mirror inside. If you do not wash this though, you run the risk of spreading bacteria. (The only reason why I didn't say to wash this product if you are a Makeup Artist is because you should already be using proper sanitation!)

All in all, this is totally worth it! It doesn't smear your makeup, is compact, reusable, and prevents you from powdering too much and making your makeup look cakey. What more could you want?  Get it here! ($20)