All weather gear for #setlife

Here it comes!! Winter in Chicago means all of the great things: lighting of the Tree in Daley Plaza, Christkindlmarket, Sledding, Holiday Music, Drinking Hot Cocoa while Window Shopping, etc etc etc. With all of that comes reality though: LOTS of Snow, Wind, and Arctic temperatures. Working in Hair/Makeup during the winter means that shoots are outside and I am going to need to be functional even after 10 hours of filming next to Lake Michigan. Smiles and energy are essential so the proper gear is the easiest way to make a scenario like that comfortable! (Maybe comfortable is too kind of a word.. I think I mean *tolerable*)

Here are some items that I've fallen in LOVE with for #setlife or just a cold winter in general.

*All items are linked to the website you can purchase them from*

*All items are linked to the website you can purchase them from*


1. Khombu Tacoma Pull-On Tall Boots ($79.99 at Carson's) These guys are AWESOME. 'Faux' Suede Upper Boot, Micro Fleece Lining, Thermolite Insulation, Non Slip Outsole and Good Up To -20 Degree Weather. With all those fancy words aside, these boots are just great! They are stylish but comfortable and my feet don't turn into ice cubes standing outside all day. Reason enough for me!

2. Columbia Womens Mighty Light Hooded Jacket ($140.00 This jacket is Wind and Water Resistant, great length (long enough to cover the butt), and has a stretchy material in the arm holes that keep your wrists warm while wearing gloves. SO WARM.

3. Zara Shawl Scarf ($29.99 at Zara) Zara should pay me to talk about this scarf because I think I've told EVERYONE I encounter about it. This thing is so soft and HUGE. I feel as though I am wearing a blanket around my neck because when I spread it out, it is the same size as a throw blanket. I have nothing but love for that thing!

4. Seirus All Weather Gloves ($39.99 at Sports Authority) Never did I think I would spend $40 on a pair of gloves. I lose those things like crazy! Well these little buggers are worth every penny. Water proof, Wind proof, Ultragrip palm (basically you can grip anything) and fleece lined! These guys survived 3 hours of sledding and many a set keeping my phalanges warm the entire time. This was a first. Ever. 


All of these items make me Happy. As. A. Clam. so I can do my job properly without being distracted by the icicles hanging from my nose.

Let me know if you try them!