Lauren Lapkus Wedding

One of the greatest joys to come with weddings is when you have a phenomenal bride. Just one that you adore working with who understands the art of hair and makeup and allows you to create a masterpiece. Lauren was the full package! Not to mention during our trial (through Epoch Salon Chicago) we ended up knowing a lot of the same people. This was especially funny because she lives in LA and I here in Chicago. 

She is starring in a new show on TBS called 'Buzzy's' with another actor I worked a feature film with (Matt Cook) in October of last year. Also on that same feature was actor (Kyle More) who is in her now husbands comedy troupe. What a small world! 

I am all too excited for her recent nuptials along with her success in her acting career including the upcoming Season 2 of Orange Is The New Black, the pilot Buzzy's being picked up by TBS to air in 2015 as well as her role in the newest Jurassic Park Film (currently still filming) among other things.

Here is a look at her wedding! (Images by Katie Kett Photography) Hair and Makeup done for Bride and two brunette bridesmaids, hair only for Mother of the Bride.